It is time to rethink our future.

We believe that change is not only necessary, but vital to the continued progress of humanity.

CROSS THE RUBICON FOUNDATION was established to help facilitate change and make an impact on our world and our socio-economic systems. We do this in several ways on both a national, regional, corporate and a personal level.

The intention is simple, get people off their couches and begin moving, thinking and doing.

_ Our projects


Personal change comes in many forms. THE RUBICON CHALLENGE was established to support personal growth, resilience and fitness, while also facilitating change in the wider world through our support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


THINK, EAT, MOVE. These are the three things you need to master to achieve optimal health, wellbeing and happiness. There is no real need for expensive equipment or ingredients to build the optimal self. All the tools we need are close to hand.


In order to bring about change you must first introduce new ideas. Impact Moments are designed to enable people to think differently by exposing them to the arts, culture and philosophy of the present and of the future. Culture has always played a leading role in the genesis of new thinking.

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_ Contact

For general questions please email us

_ Our desire

We come from a wide variety of backgrounds – but all have one thing in common: a desire to take humanity, and socio-economic structures upon which we rely, to the next level, based on a sound foundation of sustainability, resilience and innovation.

_ Our manifesto

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their

dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

CROSS THE RUBICON FOUNDATION is driven by a dream: to turn frustrations and negative experiences into opportunities for human progress. We believe that change is good, as long as it is rooted firmly in the notion of building resilience and a sustainable path for humanity.

As a species, we have always doubted our ability to achieve great things. In 1936 the New York Times stated that a rocket would never be able to leave the earth’s atmosphere. Yet we have already taken small steps towards colonizing other planets.

When the Voyager I spacecraft was launched on September 5th, 1977, few believed that it would succeed in its trek across the solar system and continue to send back data and images to earth. It has now left our solar system and will continue to be the furthest man-made object from our planet. Voyager I was the result of collaboration between the world’s leading scientists and nations. It is the best example of what humanity is capable of when challenged by the unknown. It is this spirit of progress that defines CROSS THE RUBICON FOUNDATION.

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