It is time to rethink our future.

We believe that change is not only necessary, but vital to the continued progress of humanity.

Cross The Rubicon Foundation was established to help facilitate change and make an impact on our world and our socio-economic systems. We do this in several ways on both a national, regional, corporate and a personal level. Explore the avenues of change you can take advantage of below.

Changes are coming to all aspects of our lives. Are you prepared to face them?

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Personal change comes in many forms. The Rubicon Challenge was established to support personal growth, resilience and fitness, while also facilitating change in the wider world through our support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


THINK, EAT, MOVE. These are the three things you need to master to achieve optimal health, wellbeing and happiness. There is no real need for expensive equipment or ingredients to build the optimal self. All the tools we need are close to hand.


In order to bring about change you must first introduce new ideas. Impact Moments are designed to enable people to think differently by exposing them to the arts, culture and philosophy of the present and of the future. Culture has always played a leading role in the genesis of new thinking.

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